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There are all kinds of treasures buried in the Bible. Dig into any one of these three and see for yourself.

Prophet Writing

Some of the gems found in the Bible are prophecies that are thousands of years old, constantly challenged by skeptics for centuries. Yet they continue to unfold, and amaze the truth seekers. Go ahead and grab hold of just a few of them and see how they will strengthen your foundation of faith.

Science Lab

All kinds of pearls found here! Explanations from thousands of years of civilization about our origins and their mysterious connections to the 21st century and this book called the Bible. Science, astronomy, geography, archae-ology, physhics, and biology all verify the writings from 66 authors over a 2,500 year period. 

Blue Diamonds

These diamonds have many facets that reflect the glorious personality that created us. There is a brilliance to be experienced in each one. We will try to hold a light up to each so that you may have a personal glimpse into their beauty and depth for life.

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