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My first book entitled Apocalypse Soon has now been revised and is called Armageddon: Are You Ready. It represents over 40 years of study and references over 30 experts on the subject. And it is written for those who are unfamiliar with Bible prophecy so as to encourage quick understanding of at least 17 events soon to appear. 

Here is a glimpse at the cover of the book. At this time, it can be purchased only at and my publisher's website: Dauphin Publications, Other books are now in progress. (Click on the image to go to Amazon)

What Are The 17 Dates and Events Listed in the Book?

The following events and dates are just some of the many ones that act as dots leading up to the Battle of Armageddon. They are all covered in my book and are listed here in the approximate order in which they will occur. ( My book leaves spaces for the reader to write the date once they see these events occur hoping it will build and add to your foundation of faith.)

1) Israel at War With Russia - Israel Wins With A Supernatural Defeat
2) Europe Takes Charge with Populous Leader
3) Antichrist Brokers a 7-Year Peace Treaty
4) Jerusalem's Temple is Reconstructed
5) Antichrist Enters Temple - Declares he's God
6) Religious World Leader Supports Antichrist
7) Apostate Churches Abandon Biblical Faith
8) Mark of the Beast Economic System Set Up
9) The Resurrection and Rapture of Believers in Jesus Christ
10) Antichrist Begins Campaign Against the Jews
11) Two Powerful Miracle Workers Help Defend Israel
12) The Two Witnesses are Killed and Left On Jerusalem Street For Over 3 Days
13) The Two Witnesses are Resurrected  and Lifted into Heaven
14) 144,000 Jews are Sealed andd Preach Repentance
15) Nations Send Forces to Destroy Israel at Mount Megiddo
16) Army From the Orient Joins in the March to Israel
17) The Antichrist's Forces are Destroyed by Second Coming of Christ at Armageddon



A SOBERING NOTE:  The political and societal atmosphere is clearly indicating that these events may not be as far away as once thought. Therefore every logical thinking person should be honestly facing these facts as they occur. As I state in my book several times, you should not feel as though you have a lot of time left as you watch for these events to unfold. Those of us still living during these days all should realize we have two dates with destiny: the date of the resurrection and rapture or the date of our death. And since no one knows which might come first, one should not delay in getting ready as soon as possible. Our Lord is no farther than your breath when you humble yourself in prayer, confess and repent of your sins, and call on His name to be be saved. 

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