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The Sciences Prove Biblical Story

Muscular Skeleton
Dino Bones
physics demonstration
Test Tubes

Archaeology *Astronomy * Biology *Physics
         *Chemistry * History * Geography 

Science in Lab

All of these bodies of study connect to their Creator and the Bible. 

Every law, every physical absolute,  every discovery supports the "creation" position.

If any one of them did not, our faith in the holy scriptures being divine, would be in vain. It would be Worthless. Believers will have wasted years of devotion and tons of money for no eternal reason.


The sceptics, athiests, and doubters have tried for centuries to destroy the credibility of God's Word.

But every time a new discovery of ancient origin is made, another brick is laid to our foundation of truth. The amazing veracity of this miraculous book, and its real author, God, stands the test of time.

We will present only a few of thousands of these discoveries that continually demonstrate a world by creation, not evolution; a world of order not disorder; a universe of absolute laws not coincidence and randomness; a world of phenomenal creativity and uniqueness, not boring sameness.

Purple Astronomy

Evidence Beyond Your Imagination
Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Ever since Adam, man has been witness to the world around him. Surely his sons and daughters were told about their father's relationship and stories about God. And surely after the flood, Noah's family had many more first-hand stories of their experiences with God. Yet down through the ages as time passed and populations grew, the stories were forgotten or lost and generations (outside the influence of Abraham's family, God's chosen family to re-establish God's way as well as record His words for generations) began to lose sight of a Creator that wanted to communicate with them, even though God tells us He was always showing Himself by the things that He made: "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were they thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened." (Rom.1:20,21)

These foolish hearts eventually made images they called gods. It showed that somehow they did believe in creation, but now confused and not willing to worship the invisible true God, they resorted to the images of calves, and mythological characters, and goddesses. Yet God says they were without excuse.

Fast forward to our modern world only to see things just as off-target as the world's citizens worship new images: Hollywood celebrities, sports heroes, money, and even themselves with great fanfare on social media. They do not have time or interest in reflecting on the amazing physical world and its wonders: the abundant earth that continues to spin with perfect provision for its billions of inhabitants; and the billions of galaxies, each containing around 100 million stars. Can you wrap your head around that? And our planet earth's next closest star (the sun is the closest), is 4.3 light years away from us. The rest of them, still visible to our eyes, are over 100 light years away. Truly Psalm 19:1 says it all: "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork."

The unbelieving soul can hardly say any longer that these wonders are because of "evolution" - a discredited theory still held by some stubborn philosophers. How can these folks explain their "molecule-to-man" theory in light of the huge planetary wonders all around us? And what happens when you change your gaze from the huge things to the micro things? What about the wonders of our cells that make up life and every piece of matter in existence - the tiniest particles of molecules, atoms, neutrons, and electrons? Our greatest scientists have discoverd and named these elements but cannot go any further, not understanding where the energy comes from and how it all is so orderly and consistent.  Cannot man be humble enough to admit that "In Him all things hold together?"
(Col. 1:17). Surely the theory of evolution is fiction while the reality we see with our eyes, the uniqueness of every snowflake, the uniqueness of every face, the uniqueness and beauty of each blossom and the insects that enjoy them, is a truthful and glorious witness to our Creator.


Dead Sea Scrolls

1947 Discovery of Old Leather Scrolls of Manuscripts c. 200 BC

In 1947, a Bedouin shepherd fortuitously found clay pots filled with leather scrolls wrapped in linen in a cave south of Jericho near the Dead Sea. It was one of the greatest manuscript discoveries of modern times. This first discovery contained around 600 fragments of Hebrew and Aramaic language, with biblical significance as well as other writings. But as new caves were searched in this Qumran community, eventually the biblical contents found included two scrolls of Isaiah (one complete), two chapters of Habakkuk, and fragments of all Old Testament books except Esther. They became the oldest existing manuscripts written in Hebrew around 150 BC.

For years after this first discovery, the Qumran caves were excavated extensively proving to be the richest source of manuscripts copied and saved by this Essene group devoted to protecting the history of Judaism. Other non-biblical writings and artifacts were also discovered including coins from their Roman occupation during the time of Titus, 79 AD. There was also evidence that the Romans had used some of these caves as barracks from 68 AD to 100 AD.

This is just one very glaring piece of evidence that the Jewish scribes were diligent in copying the books they had in their possession to be handed down to generations to follow. It is another piece of evidence that proves there is a Creator that has order and absolute power. 


physics demonstration

The Universal Law of Cause & Effect

The cosmic law of cause and effect states: "Every single action in the universe produces a reaction no matter what." Every single effect within our world and upon our earth, has a cause, an original starting point. Accordingly, nothing happens by random chance without a cause. Research across the disciplines of Science depend on this consistency and reliability of this law to understand how to manipulate the causes to create results that benefit mankind. All sales, advertisements, posters, videos promoting a product (cause) and its benefits (effects) count on our belief that this law will be 100% the same for you to be confident enough to buy the product.

Who or what put this law into effect and keeps it consistent? Eventually we must face the question of the original cause - an uncaused First Cause. If all of our sciences rely on this law being consistent, and they do, what would we think if all of a sudden one effect was observed to be radically different than expected? 

For example, if we always expected that water will help put out a simple wood fire, then that's something you can count on until the one time the H2O water molecule randomly decides not to cooperate and actually fuels the fire. In other words, what if the law was not reliable but random in the way it worked. How awfully uncertain and chaotic our civilization would be. Or would it really last more than a day or two?

This law of cause and effect has obviously been set in place by a higher power, revealing for all those willing to admit that the creation position is the only realistic conclusion to the First Cause. How would an evolution of such a law ever really support life as we know it?

Another revealing evidence of our Creator's existence and power (the First Cause), is when He decides to interrupt this particular law when He supernatually heals a person or saves a person from certain harm or death, overriding His own law whichever one it may be.  These "miracles" happen every day all over the world. Hopefully you haven't isolated yourself from seeing and hearing about them since they are so effective in proving the power and love of our Creator.
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